Effective October 29, 2018, New Jersey will enact paid sick leave. The law applies to all private employers with employees working in the state of New Jersey. Employees will be entitled to 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked up to an annual maximum of 40 hours per year. The annual carry over maximum is 40 hours. Employers may impose a 120-day waiting period before new employees may use paid sick leave. The Act does not require an employer to pay out an employee’s unused sick leave upon termination.

    Eligible reasons for leave include the employee’s own mental or physical health needs; care of a covered family member; needs related to domestic or sexual violence; and attendance at school-related meetings or events with regard to the employee’s child.

    Employers with preexisting leave policies (e.g., vacation or PTO plans) are not required to modify their policies or provide additional leave as long as the employer’s existing policy provides equal to or greater benefits than the New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act.