Written by: Heather Sandell, Staffing Manager

    When you reach the screening and interviewing stage in your talent acquisition process, you start to rate candidates by more than just skills and qualifications laid out on a resume.  You now are interacting with the individual and assessing them on a personal level.

    When you prepare for interviews and decide upon the questions you will ask, make sure to think about more than just actual job duties.  Think about questions that will help you determine if this candidate will be a fit with the:

    • Culture of the company
    • Dynamic of the team
    • Your management style

    Many hiring managers and recruiters believe it’s imperative to identify the weaknesses or areas for improvement of each candidateand then decide if you can have any impact in those areas.

    talent acquistionFor example:  a candidate may have the qualifications to do the job,  but what if they would not be a fit personality-wise with your team– or you’ve realized your management style would not have an impact on them.  Are these areas that you could impact?  Is it worth your time to even try? 

    What do you think are some of the most important character-related attributes a candidate should have to help ensure they will be an “A Player”?

    These are some of the character related attributes that I look for:

    1. Respectful of others
    2. Trustworthy
    3. The ability to learn auickly
    4. Dedicated
    5. Positive Attitude
    6. Multi faceted communication skills
    7. Initiative and drive
    8. Problem solver
    9. Creative
    10. Collaborative

    Obviously a candidate needs to be able to fulfill the requirements of the job but don’t forget to take a closer look at your candidates and identify not only who can do the job but who can bring real advantage to your team and firm and be a great person to work with.

    Successful teambuilding starts in the interview.

    Photo Courtesy of BPSUSF