With the delays to the Employer Mandate, many more questions are popping up from both Employers and their insured Employees. Many ads seen on the internet, television and cable sites are misleading and adding to the list of questions. We are here to help lead you in the right direction to get the facts. We do our best to remain apolitical. This is a heated topic, but presenting the avenues to have your healthcare questions answered in a clear manner is always our approach.

    Yahoo! recently published an article, False Assumptions on the Health Care Law, that points out discrepancies in a recent television advertisement. Click the link to see the Yahoo! article and advertisement.

    Can I Still Choose My Own Doctor?

    The ad makes it appear that a family is no longer able to chose its own doctor(s) under Healthcare Reform.

    Fact Check —The law does not prohibit a family from choosing its own doctor(s).

    The ad makes it appear that the federal government will be very involved with healthcare decisions made by families.

    Fact Check —Unless a family qualifies for Medicare under the law, the family (featured in this ad) will still have private health insurance and access to their current provider network.

    Do You Expect Your Employer to Drop Your Healthcare Coverage?

    Do you fall into a category where, due to the size of your employer (less than 50 FTE) your insurance coverage is expected to change? Ask your on-site Employee Benefits Advisor or HR Specialist for the facts or call a FosterThomas Employee Benefits Advisor for assistance.

    “The Congressional Budget Office has explained in its previous estimates that businesses dropping coverage are likely to be smaller companies with low-income workers who would be able to get subsidies to buy insurance on the exchanges.”

    Skirting the Law

    Some restaurants and low-wage employers have very creative solutions to keep employees that work more than 40 hours per week, labeled as a part-time employee. A few recent articles noted that franchised restaurant chains will employ workers between two or more restaurants (separately-owned franchises) and schedule them for 40 hours per week or more (technically a FTE). Doing so skirts the issue of providing health coverage as the locations are seen as two separate places of employment; an employee working less than full-time at each location. Many restaurants and low-wage employers are also cutting hours of employees and hiring more workers to fill part-time shifts. This further skews employment numbers; another issue.

    Healthcare Reform Timeline: Understanding What’s Ahead

    “In October, the health insurance exchanges will start accepting customers, and in 2014, the individual mandate, requiring most Americans to have insurance or pay a fine, kicks in.” – Source: Yahoo! News

    Health Insurance Exchanges are government regulated marketplaces for purchasing health coverage. Health Insurance Exchanges must meet specific quality standards. Each state must have an exchange or the federal government will create and manage one for them. The exchanges will help reduce the cost for single individuals and families trying to buy coverage on their own. – FosterThomas Blog

    Learn more about Health Insurance Exchanges from blog series, Healthcare Reform Survival Guide: Health Insurance Exchanges or on our dedicated Healthcare Reform News page by clicking the button below:

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