On 10/1/15, the Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees (PACE) Act was signed by both the Senate and House. President Obama then signed the PACE Act into law on 10/8/15. Keep reading to find out why this is critical for employers.

    Importance of PACE Act: Small Employer/Small Group Definition

    Under the ACA as currently written, the small employer/small group definition would have expanded nationally to include employers with up to 100 employees on 1/1/16.

    The PACE Act allows individual states to define a small employer/small group as either 50 or fewer employees or 100 or fewer employees.

    UPDATE: Maryland has formally defined Small Business to be consistent with the PACE ACT/Federal Law which is 1-50.

    Under the ACA, health insurance offered in the small group market must meet certain requirements that do not apply to the large group market, including:

    Individual states must now act to determine if the small group definition will remain at 1-50 or expand to include 100 employees.

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