This information was received from the US Department of Labor, OFCCP on 8/19/14

    The OFCCP has posted Directive 2014-02, Gender Identity and Sex Discrimination (DIR 2014-02)

    OFCCPOn June 30, 2014, the Secretary announced that DOL is updating its enforcement protocols and nondiscrimination guidance to reflect that DOL provides the full protection of the federal nondiscrimination laws that it enforces to individuals with claims of gender identity and transgender status discrimination. In accordance with this announcement, as well as with the EEOC’s decision in Macy v. Holder and the Title VII case law on which it is based, DIR 2014-02 clarifies that under Executive Order 11246, as amended, discrimination on the basis of sex includes discrimination on the bases of gender identity and transgender status.

    The directive reaffirms that in compliance evaluations and complaint investigations, OFCCP fully investigates and seeks to remedy instances of sex discrimination that occur because of an individual’s gender identity or transgender status. The directive explains that, when investigating such instances of potential discrimination, OFCCP adheres to the existing Title VII framework for proving sex discrimination, as outlined in OFCCP’s Federal Contract Compliance Manual.

    DIR 2014-02 takes effect immediately.

    Click the button to see the directive on the DOL website:

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