mgaleg.maryland.govLegislation protecting unpaid interns from employment discrimination will go into effect on 10/1/15. In order to be covered by this new law, the employer and the intern must agree that:

    • the intern will not be monetarily compensated for the work performed.
    • the intern will not displace an employee.
    • the intern position is to provide opportunities supplemental to the intern’s education, and to enhance the future employability of the intern.

    Full details of this law can be found on the legislative portion of the site at the link below:

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    Intern Discrimination Rights

    In the event that an intern feels he/she has been discriminated against or sexually harassed, the intern:

    • will have the same rights to access internal organization procedures resolving discrimination and sexual harassment.
    • will not be entitled to monetary relief.
    • cannot file a civil lawsuit against the employer.

    If an employer does not have an internal process in place for conflict resolution, the intern may file a complaint with the commissioner of labor and industry.

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