This information was received from the US Department of Labor, OFCCP on 2/10/15

    LGBT Resources for Federal ContractorsOFCCP

    OFCCP continues to conduct outreach to contractors and other stakeholders following the publication of the Final Rule implementing Executive Order 13672.  During previous outreach meetings, several contractors asked for assistance locating community and other resources to assist them with understanding how to treat employees and job applicants without regard to their sexual orientation and gender identity.  To meet this stated need, OFCCP has created a non-exhaustive directory of organizations and other entities that offer resources and guidance to employers around issues related to creating an inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees.

    The directory includes information from both the public and private sectors and will be updated periodically.  While guidance developed by federal agencies for public sector use may not have direct applicability to private sector employers, some employers may still find it informative.

    You can locate the new directory on the OFCCP Web site at

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