Written by:  Beth Bulger, Director of HR Services

    As HR Management, I’m sure you are well aware that employers are required to post a number of notices informing employees of their rights and obligations under various employment laws. According to the Department of Labor, employers are to physically display posters “in conspicuous places in every establishment where such employees are employed so as to permit them to observe readily a copy” (29 CFR 516.4).

    I am often asked by clients how to comply with this requirement HR Managementwhen employees work at customer sites, remote locations, or at home.  It is less well known what to do in these cases, however, it is still the employer’s responsibility to ensure that every applicant and employee is aware of their rights– and knows where to find the company’s employment posters.

    Organizations that have an intranet or company portal may choose to display employment-related posters on these sites, however, it is not advised that this is the sole vehicle for displaying the company’s posters.

    1. It’s recommended that posters are displayed in the company’s main location. The notices should be placed conspicuously enough to be seen by employees and applicants entering and exiting the workplace.
    2. Employees working off site or remotely should be given information on where they can find the company’s posters and should also be emailed, faxed or mailed copies of the federal and state posters.  Also, when laws change and posters are updated, employees should be informed that the laws have changed and should be sent copies of the new posters.

    FINES! Cumulative fines for non-compliance and missed postings can cost the organization as much as $7,500.  Displaying the company’s posters in a main location, notifying remote employees of their rights (mailing, faxing or emailing) and requiring employees to acknowledge receipt of the posters is a good faith effort in ensuring that employees are aware of their rights.