Employers are encouraged to integrate the 10/1/13 health insurance exchange notice into an overall health benefits communications strategy.
    • As an employer, are you aware of the 10/1/13 notification date to employees regarding state health insurance exchanges?
    • As a current or new employee, have you been notified of the availability of state health insurance exchanges?
    Employers must notify their employees about the availability of state health insurance exchanges. Current employees must be notified not later than 10/1/13.

    Beginning October 1, 2013, new employees must receive the notice at the time of their hire. The DOL will consider a notice to be timely if it is provided within 14 days of the employee’s start date. The notice must be provided in writing and can be provided electronically if the DOL’s electronic disclosure safe-harbor requirements are met; otherwise, the notice may be provided by first-class mail.
    Employers will be required to communicate three items:
    • State exchange basics
    • Individual plan value
    • Tax implications
    Additionally, the DOL has provided two model notices for use by employers (the below bullets are links):
    These notices can also be found on our all encompassing Healthcare Reform News page for easy access, reference, download and use. We can help you formulate your employee benefits plan in the every changing landscape of Healthcare Reform.
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