HIPPAThe Affordable Care Act eliminated the use of pre-existing condition exclusions for individuals of all ages for plan years beginning on or after January 1, 2014. Group health plans and issuers, however, were required to continue to issue HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage (CoCCs) for the duration of 2014 since a plan year can begin late in the calendar year (as late as December 31st).

    Because 2014 will soon be coming to a close, generation of HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage (CoCC) upon member termination will no longer be necessary because the pre-existing condition limitations are fully eliminated in 2015.

    Member Requests for Proof of Lost Coverage, CoCC Letters, and HIPAA Portability Letter

    Member requests for ‘proof of lost coverage’ can still be accommodated by most insurance carriers via their Member Services Departments. Most of the existing CoCC letters are being modified as of January 1, 2015 to remove references to pre-existing conditions, and instead of communicating as a ‘certificate of creditable coverage’ or ‘HIPAA portability letter’, the letter will communicate ‘proof of lost coverage’ and the notices will include applicable state mandate information.

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