The following information is part of the goDCgo Employer Transit Benefits Toolkit. A link to this valuable PDF can be found below.

    goDCgoAs part of The Sustainable DC Act of 2014, the District of Columbia is excited to announce a new Commuter Benefits Ordinance which requires businesses with more than 20 employees located in Washington, DC to offer commuter transit benefits to their employees.

    By January 1, 2016, DC employers with more than 20 employees will be required to provide one of three commuter benefit options, all of which are outlined in this guide (link below):

    1. Employee-Paid Pre-Tax Benefit

    2. Employer-Paid Direct Benefit

    3. Employer-Provided Transportation

    Download the Employer Transit Benefits toolkit for full details, checklists, goDCgo contact information and additional website links. The guide provides detailed information broken down as follows:

    • Background
    • Official Language
    • Benefit Option #1: Employee-Paid Pre-Tax Benefit
    • Benefit Option #2: Employer-Paid Direct Benefits
    • Benefit Option #3: Employer-Provided Transportation Service
    • What else can your organization do?
    • Capital Bikeshare & goDCgo Resources

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    Additional states are implementing similar laws, including NY and CA.

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