Reduce your Recruitment Risk. Cut Recruiting Costs and Level the Playing Field.

    Are you having a difficult time finding the right people? Is your staff expending too much time searching job boards, LinkedIn and other sourcing sites? Do you need to cut costs? Do you want to reduce your turnover rates?

    Outsourced Recruiting

    The FosterThomas proven Outsourced Recruiting Process is the answer to your time consuming recruiting needs.

    Turn to our team of HR professionals, and our multi-step outsourced recruiting process for the results you deserve.

    1. Reduce Your Cost-per-Hire

    • Are you spending too much money on head hunters?
    • We offer no placement fees — Average savings of 50-75% over traditional methods
    • We offer no overhead of internal recruiters
    • Our recruiting services are charged on an hourly basis

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    2. Scale Your Current Recruiting Functions

    From initial needs analysis through onboarding, our HR professionals put you at ease. Through a proven multi-step method recruitment process, the senior-level recruiters at FosterThomas determine the level of effort for your specific needs. Whether we are helping you to source one person, or an entire team, our outsourced recruiting process provides the necessary structure for a successful hiring outcome. Our multi-step process includes:

    • Full or partial life cycle recruiting
    • Review of requirements and current openings with your hiring manager
    • Examine our pipeline and database of candidates to determine matches
    • Provide estimate of hours to fulfill requirements
    • Compliance consulting, reference, credit, and background checks including TS/SCI FSP
    • Complete onboarding

    3. Take the Trouble out of Finding the Right Candidate(s)

    Are you taking time and resources away from your core business function(s) while trying to fill a specialty position? We know that not every company has a dedicated recruiter on staff. Our outsourced recruiting experts have access to high level resources. Teamed with our HR professionals, we do the vetting for you. Our solutions are designed to give you all of the benefits of outsourcing your recruiting function, while allowing you to retain complete control of critical daily workflow.

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    4. Small Company vs. Large Company – Level the Playing Field when Sourcing

    Level the playing field. We provide recruiting on a consulting basis. Through our applicant tracking system, you will have access to a pipeline of qualified candidates while ensuring compliance with the federal and state labor laws, as well as government contractor requirements. We can also assist with cleared recruiting (TS/SCI FSP). Looking for a technical niche position? We’ve done that too. Don’t spend your valuable time trying to sift through resumes/CVs, job sites, or checking on the references of a friend of a friend. We have the tools to do it quickly and save you money; let us help you.

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    Outsourced Recruiting Facts

    Do you want to learn more about Outsourced Recruiting? Download our Outsourced Recruiting Fact Sheet to answer all of your questions on:

    • Cost Benefit Model
    • Q & A for the right fit
    • Benefits
    • Success Stories
    • Implementation Timeline
    • How to Move Forward

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