Beth Bulger HRO Superstar Winner

    “Each year, the editorial staff of HRO Today culls a list of industry leaders that have demonstrated forward thinking and transformative actions in the field of HR.” (HRO Today Magazine)

    As a longstanding Director of Human Resources Consulting Services with FosterThomas HR, Beth Bulger has been nationally recognized in the December 2014 issue of HRO Today magazine. Beth is a diligent practitioner in all principles of Human Resources implementation, management, and administration. All of us at FosterThomas HR are extremely proud to be in Beth’s company.

    Nominated by co-worker, Mike DuVall Jr., HR & Benefits Advisor, he says this of Beth,

    “Beth has always been able to stay ahead of the curve in HR. She easily adapts to every kind of client and work situation into which she is placed.”

    Meet Beth Bulger, Director of Human Resources Consulting Services for FosterThomas HR

    If you’ve had the opportunity to work with Beth, you’ve experienced her in-depth knowledge in the areas of HR Compliance and Employee Relations. We recently sat down with Beth to learn a bit more about her background in HR, how she arrived at her current position and what she enjoys about her daily workload.

    Please share your job title and provide a description of what this entails on a day-to-day basis.Beth Bulger, Director HR Consulting Services for FosterThomas HR

    I’ve been with FosterThomas HR for over 13 years and currently serve as the Director of Human Resources Consulting Services.

    I serve as a resource to consultants and clients for HR compliance questions, and resolution of employee relations issues. I conduct HR compliance audits, making recommendations to clients to correct deficiencies and non-compliance in the areas of federal, state and local legal requirements. I advise clients on compliance and employee relations issues to ensure decisions support company interests and minimize exposure. I also conduct workplace investigations of harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination, and misconduct. Additionally, I assist clients with onsite HR administration including benefits administration and payroll processing. I administer benefits programs such as medical, dental, life, disability, and 401(k). And finally, I conduct new hire orientations to cover company policies, procedures and benefits.

    Have you always worked in Human Resources? What is your career background, and what led you to HR?

    I previously worked for an IT consulting firm when our technical recruiter left without notice. I was placed in that position with the responsibility for recruitment and onboarding. Eventually the role became HR Generalist. I enjoyed HR so much that I went back to school to obtain my Masters in Human Resources Management to further my career in HR.

    What is it about HR that you enjoy?

    I like learning about employment law and being able to help our clients to better comply with the laws. I enjoy employee relations issues as well. I especially enjoy learning about HR administration in different industries such as: IT, Healthcare, Non-profit, and Government Contracting, rather than in just one company setting. I truly enjoy the variety of work in HR consulting.

    What has been your greatest challenge working in HR?

    It is always challenging to help clients learn better HR management techniques and tools when it comes to making employment decisions with regard to discipline, separation and performance management; including proper documentation.

    Will you please share an experience with us that makes you feel like you are making a difference in what you do in HR?

    I have conducted workplace harassment and discrimination investigations. Although they may have been an uncomfortable situation for the client and/or the complainant, some resulted in a positive outcome to include: increased awareness through training, improved communication between management and employees, clarification of reporting responsibilities, and an increase in morale. The investigation process resulted in a good tool for communication and preventing reoccurrence.

    What are you looking forward to in your career in HR?

    I look forward to continuing to help our clients stay on top of HR changes to ensure compliance with HR regulations and employment laws.

    “Beth has been with FosterThomas for over 15 years. She is one of our top employees and has successfully supported numerous clients in a variety of industries. Her work ethic is second to none and our clients benefit immensely from her knowledge and dedication to the field of human resources.”

    Patrick Hill, Executive Vice President

    FosterThomas HR